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Future Of Courier Services In Singapore?

Can you imagine what the future of the courier industry will be like in Singapore? Will it remain the same, get disrupted, or even better, get improved by leaps and bounds? Here we consider some of the important trends and extrapolate into the near future (1-5 years).

With Uber and Grab in Singapore, more people are made aware of the attractiveness and freedom that comes with the (stable) gig economy. It has become much more attractive to be self employed and depend on yourself for a living and for retirement savings rather than depending on the company you work for for a pension.

In Singapore’s courier service industry, there are new upcoming (potential) dominators like PCA Masters and Lalamove and FastFast. The former (PCA Masters) is a courier service company which is separating itself from the pack by leveraging on online technology and an in house team. Lalamove and FastFast are separating themselves from the pack by using mobile technology and a crowdsourced team.

In my opinion, all of them have winning elements. Leveraging technology is definitely the way to go. However, one thing I feel is that ideally the courier should be in house, because I do not want to entrust my title deed, letter of credit or other equally important document or parcel in the hands of a random stranger whom I cannot trace and whom will be hard to be held accountable for, as opposed to a hired employee whom I can simply hold accountable by finding the company which hired him/her. This is much easier. I feel that Grab and Uber can succeed by using crowdsourced technologies because I can’t go missing in a cab/car unless they were to kidnap me. However, when it comes to documents/parcels, it’s much easier to be stolen.

In conclusion, my opinion is that the future of courier services in Singapore will be that of mobile applications and web applications combined with that of a vetted in house team (so as to ensure consistency in deliveries).

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Document and Bike Delivery Services In Singapore

As there are many local and international businesses with offices and warehouses set up in Singapore (mostly offices, fewer warehouses), there is a high need for document and cheque deliveries all across the island for the many businesses with a physical presence in it.

As such, courier services for documents is a strongly needed for the businesses. Dispatch riders in Singapore usually perform 2 main types of courier services.

First of all, they perform cheque deliveries. This is because many businesses have differing periods of credit terms, and hence they would need to pay their business providers or vendors at different times throughout the month. Most businesses prefer to pay their vendors using cheque or bank transfer, and hence, dispatch riders from courier companies would need to pick up and bank in the cheques or pass it to another company (e.g. the provider / vendor).

Second of all, there are lots of documents which may need to be signed by a particular party in Singapore (at another office islandwide) and returned back to the company. Instead of spending half a day travelling to get the item signed, the company should just use courier service to get a 2 way delivery and have it performed smoothly and quick.

Bikes are the preferred mode of transport if speed is of the essence. This is because the roads in Singapore can be extremely narrow (e.g. most roads only have 2 lanes), and it gets congested really easily. With bikes though, the courier will be able to snake around the busy traffic and still get to their destinations on time. This is very helpful for companies which require (urgent) deliveries. They need their documents or items to reach a particular recipient sharply and on time.

Working with a trusted Singapore islandwide delivery company is crucial.

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Benefits Of Engaging A Courier Company

Not sure if you have ever engaged a courier company before, but after you’ve engaged one, you would never go back to delivering or picking up items by yourself.

  • The first greatest benefit of a courier company is that it saved me lots of time which I could then put to use to more productive work.. The amount of time I need to hail a cab, or drive my car out of the carpark of take the bus will be better put to use by working on my job/business or simply resting. After all, courier services in Singapore are generally reliable and reasonably priced.
  • Second of all, there are two main reasons why you should outsource to a courier company. For a lower cost and greater efficiency. Outsourcing should be to achieve not only lower costs, but greater efficiency. If you cannot perform things as well and as efficiently as a courier company, then you may as well delegate your company’s or organization’s deliveries to a courier company instead.
  • Third of all, there are times where I simply cannot perform the delivery myself. E.g. I need to go for a meeting in the East part of Singapore but I have to get something to the West during the same time. In such an event, a courier would be able to help me achieve it without bothering my colleague or relative.
  • There are also times where I need to send items to several locations islandwide. In such an event, I would either spend several hours doing it myself, or simply engage a deliveryman. However, a deliveryman’s salary and vehicle lease costs may not be justified if the volume is not too high. In such an event, the flexibility of hiring a courier company will be very useful to me!
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Pricing of courier services in Singapore

There are only a few truly popular and good courier companies in Singapore, and let us go over the pricing style that these few companies have implemented.

First of all, let us take a look at pricing of a company like Regent. Regent charges different prices depending on whether you require a van or a bike to deliver your items. This is quite common and most companies charge according to such rates because the costs of maintaining and leasing a van is significantly more than that of a bike in Singapore – exactly the reason why van delivery costs are significantly more than that of bikes!!! However, one thing you might want to note about Regent is that they charge a premium pricing for very important documents like Passport e.t.c. as well as for deliveries to or from residential places. Therefore if you constantly require deliveries to/from residential places or highly important documents, they’re not your best choice. However, if you require van deliveries, then Regent courier service is a pretty good choice.

Next of all, I would love to talk about PCAMasters. One of the most customer-focused courier companies in Singapore, PCAMasters has never failed to impress customers with their extreme emphasis on customer satisfaction. Perhaps their islandwide end to end courier delivery is not as dirt cheap as some companies (though still rather reasonable), but they’re the only company I’ve noticed send immediate successful delivery notification with photo proof of the item being delivered. I have never seen such things before despite using couriers for the past 15 years in SG. They must be a game changer. One of the most important things I want from a courier company is accountability, and usually, for other companies, I would need to manually prod the courier company for updates before I would receive them, or worse still, I need to call the recipient only after the assumed delivery deadline to confirm receipt of my item. I love PCAMasters, used them once and repeated purchases from them ever since Feb 2016. Lovely customer service support. Their pricing is similar to Regent in that they separate bike and vans. But a good thing PCAMasters has that Regent does not is that they do not charge additional for deliveries to and from residential addresses. Also, they do not charge extra for stuff like legal documents, passports e.t.c.

Alright, so hopefully with the above, you would be able to better understand about the way top courier companies in Singapore actually price their services.

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What you should expect from courier companies in Singapore

In a first world developed country like Singapore, you should expect high standards of living. High standards of living can only be achieved when the entire workforce work together to create a sustainable and progressive ecosystem. Businesses are expected to be efficient and effective at addressing the needs of the people. The courier industry is no exception. In fact, logistics industries are considered to be among the top most competitive industries.

So what can you expect from courier companies in Singapore?

Prompt delivery service
The top priority for consumers when it comes to courier service is the timeliness of the deliveries. Consumers expect prompt delivery service from the courier companies. Usually when people need to deliver something to someone, the recipient must be expecting the items to arrive within a certain deadline. The ability to make the deliveries prompt in order to keep the customers satisfied will distinguish the better courier companies from the rest.

Liability coverage
In the unfortunate event that your parcels went missing or damaged, you should expect the courier company to compensate you for your loss. Competent courier companies buy insurance coverage for this. This will ensure all consumers and the courier company are well protected – consumers will always be able to receive their claims for the losses incurred. If the courier company is not well covered, it may run into financial difficulties if there is a huge incident of mass misplaced items. For instance, if the delivery truck met an accident, the goods inside may be damaged as a result.

Good customer service
Singaporeans are very demanding, particularly in service standards. You may have heard many stories about demanding Singaporeans being hard on the waiters in restaurants. This happens to the courier industry too. Customers want top notch service standard. They expect the courier companies to give them timely updates with regards to their deliveries, answer their queries always immediately, and speak to them in a polite and positive manner. Customers want to be treated like kings and queens. Only when courier companies are able to deliver these kind of superior service quality, they will then be able to keep their customers for the long term.

In my opinion, these expectations are reasonable and fairly easy to meet. Courier companies that are serious in prospering in Singapore should always aim to meet these customers’ expectations. Remember that without customers, the business will not be able to carry on. Learn about what your customers want and aim to meet their every needs and requirements consistently!

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Exploring A Career In Singapore’s Courier Service Industry

Are you intrigued by the service industry in Singapore? Would you like to join a stable and yet still growing industry? There is no better place other than courier services in Singapore!

There is lots of demand for couriers in Singapore. This is because many businesses and companies are incorporated or held in Singapore, and thus there is lots of need for document deliveries to be conducted throughout the working hours of weekdays in Singapore. Additionally, there are also increasingly more E-commerce companies which sell items to people or companies living or incorporated in Singapore, and hence, there is also a spike in demand for such deliveries too.

Joining a good courier company like PCA Masters ( is a very prudent career decision, as you would then be able to grow your income and have the flexibility to choose between the type of career you want. Let me elaborate more.

When it comes to the courier service industry, there are two main job scopes which you can do. First of all, it would be the courier or deliveryman job itself. Basically, you would either need to join a company as a full timer and use their vans or bikes or you could join a company as a contractor and need to own your own van or bike. If you’re a full timer, usually you’re required to do the deliveries as you’re told as long as it’s within your working hours – but it’s ok because you’re not using your own van or bike and are paid a fixed salary. However, if you’re a contractor, then usually there will either be some form of bidding or choice for you as to whether you want to perform that particular delivery… although the more deliveries you pick up, the more money you’ll be able to earn as a contractor because your courier company will prefer giving more jobs to you over other contractors.

There will also be jobs in the courier service industry where you are required to be in the administrative end. There will generally be two types of jobs in this administrative departments. You would either be required to manage the allocation of jobs to couriers or simply manage the employees doing this. However, with the more developed courier companies, they may already have computer software doing all these jobs.

Anyway, I personally find that the courier services industry in Singapore is very exciting and fun to work in!!!! If you’re customer and sales oriented, you’ll simply love it!!!!

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Courier Services Industry In Singapore – What You Must Know

There are many different types of courier companies ( in Singapore as well as different and varying levels of courier services in Singapore. Here is what you must know if you must engage a courier company.

First of all, the most common type of courier services offered in Singapore is the same day islandwide delivery. This is basically a type of courier service where your package, item or document will be picked up and delivered within the same day within working hours. Basically, this is also known as on demand delivery. However, do take note that most companies have a cut off timing for such same day deliveries, before they will charge a high premium for urgent deliveries.

Second of all, it would be the next most common type of deliveries in Singapore. It would be the urgent delivery. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s basically courier services which are performed with a much tighter timeframe between the pick up and the delivery time. This can be performed anytime throughout the day, and basically you need to pay more because the courier usually has to go out of his or her usual way and travel to your pick up point and deliver immediately instead of doing other deliveries in the meantime.

Third of all, it is the seldom used next day delivery. Why do I say it’s less utilized? It’s much more likely that if you need a courier company to perform your delivery, it’s pretty dang urgent. If it’s not urgent and you can take as many days as you need to just to perform 1 delivery, then most people may perform it themselves. Hence, it is seldom used.

There are also companies which need mass distribution. These are companies which usually need to distribute items to many different locations islandwide within a short period of time (usually within a few days or at most one week). Not every courier company caters to such requests as it would usually mean an unexpected spike in their volume of deliveries. Only great companies like PCA Masters or Network Courier can absorb such a volume spike.

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3 Ways A Courier Company Will Help You!

There are some situations where you will be hard pressed to deliver items yourself in Singapore. In such situations, you will need to actually either get someone else to help you deliver items, but not sure who to ask for help (e.g. friend or family). In such situations, it’s actually a better idea to engage the courier services of a highly trusted and reputable courier company. Personally, I use the courier services by PCA Masters** find their details at the bottom of this post** for my courier needs.

Perhaps you are with your date at a posh restaurant at Orchard road for a classy date. Suddenly, your phone rings and your boss needs you to deliver something from the office to him right away! In such a situation, you can either spoil your entire night by doing so yourself, or get yourself some help by engaging a trusted courier company like PCA Masters to help you out. In such a situation, you want to simply ring or contact a local courier services company in Singapore and have them pick it up from somebody who’s still in the office and have it sent to your boss instead! This way, you still get to enjoy your date without having to worry about this delivery.

Maybe you’re a student who has travelled from the East side of Singapore to the West to stay in your NTU or NUS hostel. Or perhaps you have travelled from the West side to the East side to stay in the SUTD campus. Dang! You have an important presentation coming up but due to your hurry in travelling, you completely forgot the thumbdrive needed for it! Unfortunately, you need it. In such a situation, you can waste a total of 4 hours to and fro travelling to take it, spend $60 total travelling by taxi instead, or get a family member to help. However, you would be wasting hours of their time away. Why not, just simply engage a courier service company who will pick it up from the place within 30 minutes and get it to you in less than an hour’s time in total? That’s what courier services are useful for!

Third of all, imagine for a moment that you are stuck in office, however, you need to get some medicine to be sent to your mum because she fell sick and is elderly. However, you just can’t leave office because of your unreasonable boss. What should you do? Very simple, instead of hating your boss, simply get PCA Masters or Network Courier or a courier company in Singapore to help you pick up the items from your workplace and get it delivered to your mum!

Next of all… do you really need me to spell out everything? As you can see from what I’ve mentioned above that courier services are able to help you in many ways! A courier company is very useful not only for corporate cheque, document deliveries, but for your personal ad hoc use as well.

**Find my favorite courier service in Singapore here:

Name: PCA Masters (
Office address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Telephone: 6681 5781

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