What you should expect from courier companies in Singapore

In a first world developed country like Singapore, you should expect high standards of living. High standards of living can only be achieved when the entire workforce work together to create a sustainable and progressive ecosystem. Businesses are expected to be efficient and effective at addressing the needs of the people. The courier industry is no exception. In fact, logistics industries are considered to be among the top most competitive industries.

So what can you expect from courier companies in Singapore?

Prompt delivery service
The top priority for consumers when it comes to courier service is the timeliness of the deliveries. Consumers expect prompt delivery service from the courier companies. Usually when people need to deliver something to someone, the recipient must be expecting the items to arrive within a certain deadline. The ability to make the deliveries prompt in order to keep the customers satisfied will distinguish the better courier companies from the rest.

Liability coverage
In the unfortunate event that your parcels went missing or damaged, you should expect the courier company to compensate you for your loss. Competent courier companies buy insurance coverage for this. This will ensure all consumers and the courier company are well protected – consumers will always be able to receive their claims for the losses incurred. If the courier company is not well covered, it may run into financial difficulties if there is a huge incident of mass misplaced items. For instance, if the delivery truck met an accident, the goods inside may be damaged as a result.

Good customer service
Singaporeans are very demanding, particularly in service standards. You may have heard many stories about demanding Singaporeans being hard on the waiters in restaurants. This happens to the courier industry too. Customers want top notch service standard. They expect the courier companies to give them timely updates with regards to their deliveries, answer their queries always immediately, and speak to them in a polite and positive manner. Customers want to be treated like kings and queens. Only when courier companies are able to deliver these kind of superior service quality, they will then be able to keep their customers for the long term.

In my opinion, these expectations are reasonable and fairly easy to meet. Courier companies that are serious in prospering in Singapore should always aim to meet these customers’ expectations. Remember that without customers, the business will not be able to carry on. Learn about what your customers want and aim to meet their every needs and requirements consistently!


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