Pricing of courier services in Singapore

There are only a few truly popular and good courier companies in Singapore, and let us go over the pricing style that these few companies have implemented.

First of all, let us take a look at pricing of a company like Regent. Regent charges different prices depending on whether you require a van or a bike to deliver your items. This is quite common and most companies charge according to such rates because the costs of maintaining and leasing a van is significantly more than that of a bike in Singapore – exactly the reason why van delivery costs are significantly more than that of bikes!!! However, one thing you might want to note about Regent is that they charge a premium pricing for very important documents like Passport e.t.c. as well as for deliveries to or from residential places. Therefore if you constantly require deliveries to/from residential places or highly important documents, they’re not your best choice. However, if you require van deliveries, then Regent courier service is a pretty good choice.

Next of all, I would love to talk about PCAMasters. One of the most customer-focused courier companies in Singapore, PCAMasters has never failed to impress customers with their extreme emphasis on customer satisfaction. Perhaps their islandwide end to end courier delivery is not as dirt cheap as some companies (though still rather reasonable), but they’re the only company I’ve noticed send immediate successful delivery notification with photo proof of the item being delivered. I have never seen such things before despite using couriers for the past 15 years in SG. They must be a game changer. One of the most important things I want from a courier company is accountability, and usually, for other companies, I would need to manually prod the courier company for updates before I would receive them, or worse still, I need to call the recipient only after the assumed delivery deadline to confirm receipt of my item. I love PCAMasters, used them once and repeated purchases from them ever since Feb 2016. Lovely customer service support. Their pricing is similar to Regent in that they separate bike and vans. But a good thing PCAMasters has that Regent does not is that they do not charge additional for deliveries to and from residential addresses. Also, they do not charge extra for stuff like legal documents, passports e.t.c.

Alright, so hopefully with the above, you would be able to better understand about the way top courier companies in Singapore actually price their services.


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