Future Of Courier Services In Singapore?

Can you imagine what the future of the courier industry will be like in Singapore? Will it remain the same, get disrupted, or even better, get improved by leaps and bounds? Here we consider some of the important trends and extrapolate into the near future (1-5 years).

With Uber and Grab in Singapore, more people are made aware of the attractiveness and freedom that comes with the (stable) gig economy. It has become much more attractive to be self employed and depend on yourself for a living and for retirement savings rather than depending on the company you work for for a pension.

In Singapore’s courier service industry, there are new upcoming (potential) dominators like PCA Masters and Lalamove and FastFast. The former (PCA Masters) is a courier service company which is separating itself from the pack by leveraging on online technology and an in house team. Lalamove and FastFast are separating themselves from the pack by using mobile technology and a crowdsourced team.

In my opinion, all of them have winning elements. Leveraging technology is definitely the way to go. However, one thing I feel is that ideally the courier should be in house, because I do not want to entrust my title deed, letter of credit or other equally important document or parcel in the hands of a random stranger whom I cannot trace and whom will be hard to be held accountable for, as opposed to a hired employee whom I can simply hold accountable by finding the company which hired him/her. This is much easier. I feel that Grab and Uber can succeed by using crowdsourced technologies because I can’t go missing in a cab/car unless they were to kidnap me. However, when it comes to documents/parcels, it’s much easier to be stolen.

In conclusion, my opinion is that the future of courier services in Singapore will be that of mobile applications and web applications combined with that of a vetted in house team (so as to ensure consistency in deliveries).


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