Exploring A Career In Singapore’s Courier Service Industry

Are you intrigued by the service industry in Singapore? Would you like to join a stable and yet still growing industry? There is no better place other than courier services in Singapore!

There is lots of demand for couriers in Singapore. This is because many businesses and companies are incorporated or held in Singapore, and thus there is lots of need for document deliveries to be conducted throughout the working hours of weekdays in Singapore. Additionally, there are also increasingly more E-commerce companies which sell items to people or companies living or incorporated in Singapore, and hence, there is also a spike in demand for such deliveries too.

Joining a good courier company like PCA Masters ( http://www.pcamasters.com/careers/) is a very prudent career decision, as you would then be able to grow your income and have the flexibility to choose between the type of career you want. Let me elaborate more.

When it comes to the courier service industry, there are two main job scopes which you can do. First of all, it would be the courier or deliveryman job itself. Basically, you would either need to join a company as a full timer and use their vans or bikes or you could join a company as a contractor and need to own your own van or bike. If you’re a full timer, usually you’re required to do the deliveries as you’re told as long as it’s within your working hours – but it’s ok because you’re not using your own van or bike and are paid a fixed salary. However, if you’re a contractor, then usually there will either be some form of bidding or choice for you as to whether you want to perform that particular delivery… although the more deliveries you pick up, the more money you’ll be able to earn as a contractor because your courier company will prefer giving more jobs to you over other contractors.

There will also be jobs in the courier service industry where you are required to be in the administrative end. There will generally be two types of jobs in this administrative departments. You would either be required to manage the allocation of jobs to couriers or simply manage the employees doing this. However, with the more developed courier companies, they may already have computer software doing all these jobs.

Anyway, I personally find that the courier services industry in Singapore is very exciting and fun to work in!!!! If you’re customer and sales oriented, you’ll simply love it!!!!


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