Document and Bike Delivery Services In Singapore

As there are many local and international businesses with offices and warehouses set up in Singapore (mostly offices, fewer warehouses), there is a high need for document and cheque deliveries all across the island for the many businesses with a physical presence in it.

As such, courier services for documents is a strongly needed for the businesses. Dispatch riders in Singapore usually perform 2 main types of courier services.

First of all, they perform cheque deliveries. This is because many businesses have differing periods of credit terms, and hence they would need to pay their business providers or vendors at different times throughout the month. Most businesses prefer to pay their vendors using cheque or bank transfer, and hence, dispatch riders from courier companies would need to pick up and bank in the cheques or pass it to another company (e.g. the provider / vendor).

Second of all, there are lots of documents which may need to be signed by a particular party in Singapore (at another office islandwide) and returned back to the company. Instead of spending half a day travelling to get the item signed, the company should just use courier service to get a 2 way delivery and have it performed smoothly and quick.

Bikes are the preferred mode of transport if speed is of the essence. This is because the roads in Singapore can be extremely narrow (e.g. most roads only have 2 lanes), and it gets congested really easily. With bikes though, the courier will be able to snake around the busy traffic and still get to their destinations on time. This is very helpful for companies which require (urgent) deliveries. They need their documents or items to reach a particular recipient sharply and on time.

Working with a trusted Singapore islandwide delivery company is crucial.


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